Sunday, March 6, 2011

POLL:"If Romney Is Nominee Will You Vote/Not Vote/Write In Palin/Write Someone Else?"

The liberal media and the beltway gang have let the mask slip (not that it was much of a mask) and have  come out in the open as to the "safe pair of hands" who is  O.K. with the Washington elite  as their choice for GOP 2012 presidential candidate.
A massive media blitz for Mitt Romney has commenced,  as the insiders see their opening with  Daniels/Huckabee/Gingrich self destructing, and they are preparing the GOP voters for their version  of McCain for 2012.  The grass roots have other ideas and the true test will come in the ballot box irrespective of how much  effort the insiders/lib's put into their chosen sacrificial lamb for Obama.
However, should the East/West Coast/Lib's/Beltway denizens campaign succeed, and Romney is the  nominee, the question for the grass roots is "what to do on election day 2012?" It's clear who the grass  roots activists want-it's Palin by a mile but what effect will that have in November 2012?
To gauge this to some degree here is a simple poll which asks "Would you vote for Mitt Romney in  November 2012 for president?" If not, would you write in Sarah Palin?"  "Would you write in  someone else?" "Would you not vote at all?"
Only one vote per person is allowed with this poll so it will be an accurate reflection of the responders choices

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