Sunday, March 20, 2011

Politico Allows Comment About Palin "perfect time for Hamas to put her in their cross hairs with a terrorist attack"

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Politico has continued on with  its seemingly endless campaign against Sarah Palin. 

13 of a previous 20 articles they ran about her were negative.Thus it is no wonder that the sort of people who read these would state that Palin should be the victim of a terrorist attack.

What is doubly  shocking is that Politico would allow these comments to be posted. This is typical of the hypocritical left who castigated Palin for supposedly  putting liberal candidates in the cross-hairs and "endangering their lives. 

Palin's life being endangered appears to be another story. I have asked them to remove this disgusting post which I have reported (and screen saved) to the authorities.

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