Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Yet Daily Kos Palin Comment:"Hand Fed Grapes,Scantily Clad In Silk Underwear"

The youngsters at 'Daily Kos' have outdone themselves in the massive number of posts about whether Maher was right or wrong to call Sarah Palin a "twat." Some Wimmen are offended, some think that although Palin is lower than Satan herself, she should be defended "as a female". Others (women) say that Maher didn't go far enough in his cursing.

I wouldn't inflict on anyone the suggestion they actually  read the assorted juvenile blatherings, but now and then one appears which tops all others for sheer idiocy-as per this gem;

"The Mean Girl has a fan club and ambition - her ambition and her aspirations would have you and me bound in some slave state while she sat around being hand fed grapes, scantily clad in silk underwear she got off of the McCain Campaign and barking out orders for our demise.  Screw her.  She's not a woman - she's not even human - she's a monster."

The liberal frame of  mind its its utter blind rage is not a pretty sight and frankly will be the material for many clinical papers in the future. The Kos postings are proof, yet again, that liberalism is a diseased state of mind, a psychopathology with hidden roots

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