Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Celebration Of Beautiful Women

I know that "all men are fools" and as Hamlet said "God gave women one face but they put on another" but there are amongst all women all of whom are beautiful some who are exemplary in their beauty. And of course "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but, that being said, I would find it difficult to imagine that too many would object to the choices I have made as being examples of singularly beautiful women.
If any one would wish to advise a different selection, or add one to the list below it would of course be most welcome.

Emily Blunt
A quick glance would immediately show that I am a hopeless romantic hence my choices run in that direction, rather than the more glamorous, but our personal preferences are what makes the world go round-and a good thing too.

Orriel Smith
Keri Russell
Anne Tremko
Ann Blyth
Jean Simmons

Susan Hayward
Yvette Mimieux

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Charlize Theron
Jenna Fisher (added by popular request)
Gail Russell (added by popular request-must admit I never heard of her before.Acted with John Wayne.)

I left out Claudia Cardinale-how could I have?

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