Friday, March 25, 2011

Obsessed Sullivan: Why Doesn't Palin Defend Herself On Maher's Show?

Uterus prober Andrew Sullivan asks why Sarah Palin doesn't go on Bill Maher's show to defend herself against his attacks. Well perhaps Andrew she doesn't want to give a massive ratings boost to a misogynist who called her a "twat". Unfortunately Sullivan is so plainly obsessed with Palin that his human sensitivities have fallen to the wayside.

He accuses Palin of of sticking in her media "cocoon", of being afraid to go on non-Fox shows where he says she will get caught out in her "voluminous lies." Again, Sullivan's obsession blinds him to the many times Palin has been interviewed non-Fox including an extensive interview with the BBC, Leno, Oprah,Walters on ABC, Politico, CNN (Blitzer), Larry King, and various foreign media including this interview with the Indian media

The strange dichotomy that is Sullivan's attitude to Palin continues however-no matter what the seemingly negative polls about her he finds some positive spin as per his most recent column where he points out that in the Gallup poll which has Palin at 12% if Huckabee doesn't run she would be tied with Romney. There is some weird love/hate thing going on which lies in the field of psychiatry not politics.

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