Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Christian Conservative Political Sites Linking To "Page 3 Girls" A Moral Quandary?

On the hugely popular conservative website; 
"The Other McCain" there is a running item, "How to get a million hits on your blog." This advice to bloggers includes the famous "Rule5" which consists of links to various sites which display photographs of assorted and highly nubile cheerleaders, Grid girls, actresses and other images which display the female form in various states of undress.

It must be stated straight away that none of these linked images,that I have seen (purely in the interest of research) would trouble any censors, or even ones maiden aunt (if such a personage still exists). No, they are the equivalent to the basic "cheesecake" or "Page 3 Girls" so beloved of the U.K. tabloids. Dare I say it, they serve the same purpose on conservative sites as they do on the British tabloids-to get as many eyeballs on paper/screen as possible.

In the nature of an experiment to verify the effectiveness of this age old stratagem, and on a much more staid basis, I created a page "A Celebration Of  Beautiful Women" which was simply head shots of those women who I felt were particularly attractive. In my defense there was nothing salacious or even misogynistic (I think) about the posting. I  then created another post with the catchy title "Is It Right To Link To Pictures of 52 Grid Girls" which linked to assorted (tasteful but admittedly slightly erotic) beauties of the Formula 1 circuit.

At this point the redoubtable "Smitty" of The Other McCain fame joined in the experiment and linked, on separate days, to my two postings as they suited "Rule 5"-the result was startling.The "Beautiful Women" post received an, for my blog, unusual number of hit. But the hits for the "Grid Girls simply exploded and came from around the world. The answer to "does skin still sell" is yes, absolutely, and the more skin the bigger the sell !

In conveying the prof of the validity of Rule 5 (a message that hardly needed conveying of course) to Smitty we struck up a dialogue on the metaphysics of transcendental Christian values (we being  professed Christians). This, in relation to the ethical question of such Christians using this sort of imagery to attract readers to our particular political point of view. Who knew that Page 3 Girls could be such a source of soul searching, angst, and even possibly, a doorway to the fiery pit?

What I suggested was that on purely ethical grounds the images are wholesome and that the nubiles posing or cheerleading are apparently happily and voluntarily engaging in a time honored activity for which they strive for against much competition and for which they  are presumably well compensated.

I put this sort of image fun at the same level as some of the evangelical outreach to youth methods we have seen over the years. These include such bizarre events as hot water bottle blowing up competitions, Christian rock bands and latterly Christian heavy metal bands and even WWF type wrestling extravaganzas with all the hype that goes with that "sport".

No one forces those who click on the various links to do so-which is free will and predestination at the same time-a quandary for theologians to sort out. Once having done so the worst thing that might happen to the linker would be to experience a small degree of titillation. Now, as for what a Christians attitude might be to using the bevy of beauties to gain readers perhaps a look at the Bible might give some guidance.

Lets see what the Good News bible says-firstly about Ecclesiastes. "The fact that this book is in the Bible shows that biblical faith is broad enough to take in such pessimism and doubts...and that the same Bible reflects these thoughts also offers hope that gives life its greater meaning."

Then,the next chapter is "The Song Of Songs" which has some sentences which would surely bring a blush to a maidens cheek (Chap 4;1-7) and to which the preceding comment about "a  broad faith reflected in the Bible" surely applies also. One chapter is pessimistic,one optimistic and full of the joys of life which include the natural male/female relationship in its fullest.

There is no problem that I can see in a Christian celebrating this joy in the company of "Rule 5 Ladies" and disseminating it to others to share in !

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