Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sullivan So Excited Palin To Israel Calls Golda Meir "Attractive Women" Too

In what I first thought was an "Onion" satire Andrew Sullivan has got so excited about Sarah Palin's impending visit to Israel that his article includes spelling mistakes "accroding to current reports" but this is an astonishing sentence.

 "There is something about an attractive woman wielding military force that reaches those parts of the psyche that no-drama Obama never will or can. Ask Thatcher or Meir (or Elizabeth I or Indira Gandhi)."

Now without being chauvinist at all and with the greatest respect I think, even allowing for the flush of excitement and hyperbole that one could call Golda Meir "an attractive woman" Palin, well yes, and frankly even Mrs. Gandhi is pushing it. Lets just give him the benefit of the doubt and define "attractive" as covering a persons whole persona rather than their physical appearance.

That said the painting of  Boadicea he provides to illustrate his breathless article  gives her an image looks like a beauty queen rather than a hard bitten Amazon which belies the charitable interpretation of "attractive."

Sullivan sees Palin's visit as part of her apparent plan to hasten the end of the world and the conversion or die plans for the Jews. He oddly concludes that a Palin presidency would be the unleashing of a "civilization war against Islam" .....which she would not hesitate to unleash."

So Palin is now seen by the delusional as unleashing the end of the world,initiating world war three and of course shooting wolves from a helicopter just for fun. An amazing repertoire for a housewife from Wasilla Alaska it must be said. 

There is something odd going on  (or odder) in Sullivan's world lately. Whenever the media pick out  poll to show Palin's support is slipping and it is all over for her Sullivan comes out with a column which finds some glimmer of hope in it so he can keep pushing that she is still a front runner. Is there some deep thing in his psyche that wants an attractive woman wielding force to win? 

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