Monday, March 14, 2011

POLL:"If Romney Is Nominee Will You Write In Palin".71% Write In Palin/17% Vote Romney

The poll "If Romney Is Nominee Will You Vote/Not Vote/Write In 
Palin/Write Someone Else?" has closed after being open for a full 
week and produced this remarkable result as illustrated below.

An astonishing (rounded up to) 72% voted for "Write in Palin". This rate of bleeding, if it held true across America on election day, must send a strong message to the GOP establishment as not only would Romney, or any RINO, lose but the down tickets would be decimated.

Key states such as Florida/Indiana/North Carolina were lost, in the most difficult of conditions for the GOP in 2008 by below 3%.To have any chance of gaining them back, and losing anyone of them would effectively mean the 2012 election would be lost, the party simply can't afford to have the write-in/stay at home vote potentially as large as this.

This poll adds further credence to the growing popular wisdom that it is better for the Republicans to run a candidate who is a genuine conservative. This will ensure the base turns out and will assist the down ticket candidates. 

To run with a Romney, a Dole like figure at best, would, according to this poll ensure not only a loss at the top of the ticket but potential substantial losses further down. Here is, from the Boston Globe, an analysis of Romney's lack of coattails in his own Massachusetts-heading the presidential ticket would make this effect nationwide with disastrous consequences.
" Romney keeps control of the state GOP not only to secure convention delegates, but also as a base to influence the New Hampshire presidential primary. But in 2010, New Hampshire Republicans noticed that they swept all key offices while the Mass. GOP had a meltdown. When they learn Romney was “the invisible man’’ in this fiasco, and realize that in 2004 Romney lost legislative seats during his time in the governor’s office, some will say: “The emperor has no coattails!’’

Palin would on the other hand keep down ticket losses-if there are any, at a minimum, and could potentially win the election as set out here.

The poll produced voters from across a wide spectrum of conservative supporting and other sites including Texas4Palin/Conservatives4Palin/This site/Sarah Palin Information Blog/Team Sarah/Yahoo Buzz/Facebook (Palin's site)/Twitter/Conservative American.

The fact that so many sites were strong Palin supporters is exactly the point. Given her millions of followers (as Facebook alone indicates) if they wrote in/stayed at home in even a substantial percentage that this poll indicates,then there are major problems for the GOP. The vehemence from the Palin supporters in their comments as to their actions strongly supports this scenario.

282 votes is a substantial indicator.The poll was set up so 
there could be only one vote per person. All votes were 
monitored by watching Feejit so if anyone cleared the cache 
and tried to vote multiple times it would have been picked 
up.However,even if there were a few instances of multiple 
voting which had slipped through the massive result for 
writing in Palin is a clear indication of what might happen if 
she is not the nominee by her own choice.

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