Thursday, March 31, 2011

The M.J. Sheppard Post Report

Sullivan like so many on the left is in a daze over Libya "It's so surreal so discordant." It's taken over two years for the scales to (partially) drop. When the light finally dawns there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

China admonishes Sarkozy at diplomatic meeting over Libya, calls for an immediate cease-fire and says the operation "has gone too far". What does this portend for the Obama administration?

Some are in such a quandary that  instead of bumping about partially sighted like Sullivan they are in total denial. Astonishingly the vanguard "progressive" blog Daily Kos which bashed Bush unremittingly over Iraq had not one single mention, not a column not a readers post-nothing, nada about our mission in Libya-wither all that anger?

The Muslim Brotherhood would implement Sharia law in Egypt "If the people want it we will implement it." And as far as stoning for adultery, if women don't commit adultery "don't go through that red light" then of course there would be no stoning for adultery. If TMB gains power in Egypt under Obama's watch there is no electoral defeat big enough to cover the shame.

The Muslim Brotherhood's draft platform includes "the clear decision to exclude women and all non-Muslims from senior positions in the state." Any word from NOW or other feminist groups regarding the responsibility of the Obama administration for this possibility or support for their sisters in Egypt who are under this potential threat?

Distinguished Professor Eric Altman has this to say, inter alia, about the media's candidate of the week-the Non-Palin. "And how can any reporter expect anyone, anytime to take him or her seriously if they treat the “Bachmann for President” boomlet as anything but a symbol of a political system that has run itself off the rails of sanity?"

Palin has garnered the thinking lesbian vote- and it is for her policy and for her humanity. She has a hugely loyal (to Clinton too) gay following as well. How can any leftist accuse her of being anything but supportive of all people is ridiculous.

The decline of Britain began-not with the two world wars- but with the commencement of the economic policy of free trade.The United States is making the same mistake whilst our rivals in the Far East pursue a policy of mercantilism at our expense. Does any GOP candidate have the guts to present the concept of protection to the public?  How would voters in the rust belt react?

Economic doom and gloom "U.S. economy in the greater depression confirmed by GDP data" from a self proclaimed doom and gloomer-but the charts and the predictions are frightening. It's all here-fraud, crooks, Bernanke, Obama the lot.

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