Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lib Media's Romney Swoon Commences.Politico Goes All In With Four Front Page Articles

The liberal media have apparently decided it is time to launch their "safe pair of hands, moderate conservative Republicans best choice, the anti-Palin" candidate for the 2012 nomination. Having settled on Mitt Romney as their new McCain to oppose President Obama they will, until they see him safely nominated, give him an huge amount of positive coverage.

What seems to have triggered the media frenzy has been the apparent self-destruction of three of the possible candidates the media has been giving either solid backing to or tacit acceptance-Daniels in the former case and Huckabee/Gingrich in the latter.

 With Christie denying he will run, much to the media's disappointment and Pawlenty not registering on the polling radar-although it is noticeable some parts of the media are puffing him up a bit lately the media is now giving their full attention to their chosen one.

We have seen this game before, the end result of which of course is they will commence to tear him to shreds once the actual campaign commences in 2012 as they do everything possible to ensure Obama's re-election.

Of course the grass roots might not play this game-as they didn't with Romney in 2008 as the have, in poll after poll, expressed their desire for a genuine conservative candidate with the combined Palin/Huckabee support being double that of Romney's.

Politico leads the charge with four! front page stories "Mitt scores in New Hampshire" they gush, then "Romney's move in New Hampshire" they give an analysis of, and just to fill in the front page "Romney calls for a new  president" by Mike Allen one of their lead journalists. All this uses the putative launch of Romney's campaign as Politico describes it with his speech in New Hampshire today.

To ensure nobody misses the point they then link to their analysis of the GOP possible candidates
"Atop the front runners"-but there is only one person examined-Mitt Romney who they gushingly commence the paean with;

"Mitt Romney sits on top of a wide-open field of Republican candidates vying for the presidential nomination."

How they determined that Romney "sits on top" is a mystery as he, by no means is consistently ahead of e.g. Huckabee, in the polls against Obama-or Huckabee for that matter and, as stated, he is way behind the Palin/Huckabee support level. If Huckabee doesn't run and Palin does only then will a clear picture of their support emerge.

Not to be outdone the Los Angeles Times has "A whole new Romney for 2012 presidential run" major article on Romney which they commence with "the early Republican favorite" without advising how that status was determined-but the answer is of course-favorite with the liberal media.

No matter how hard the Beltway liberals and conservatives back their RINO the voters will have the final say in the matter and right now the grass roots are not backing the media's favorite.

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