Friday, March 23, 2012

Althouse; "EtchaASketch Inane Non-incident"; Commentator "I Will Not Support a Cultist For President"

Ann Althouse considers the Romney campaigns Etch a Sketch controversy to be such an inane non-incident (actually she writes nonincident but the dictionary won't accept it) that unlike the many worded articles on the subject she dismisses it in ten.

She seems to have found a sympathetic ear amongst the Romney supporters who have rushed in to defend Mitt in the comments section (although they jostle for space amongst the cynics). An interesting comment on the other side came from a person who styles himself The Crack MC;

A good look in the mirror - and at your chosen candidate - is what's called for. As I keep reminding you, the presidency is about more than economics, and these politicians - all of them - deserve to be vetted, harshly. They're politicians and not to be trusted. You're not doing that. You're actively rooting for someone without understanding who they are, and you'll let anything they do wrong slide. That's wrong - especially now when we have a chance to dodge a bullet, if need be.

I will not support (CLICK LINK) a cultist  for president. Not just because of that but because of what it indicates:

Gullibility, deceit, and malevolence towards the intelligence we all (supposedly) possess. 

I want a president I can feel confident I can eventually trust. And trust to take our country to a better place. I see none of that in Mitt Romney. I see a man who is widely known to say and do anything to gain power - and you KNOW it. It's not an illusion created by the media - it's an impulse he has, created by his cult's self-evident aspirations. I say either explore that or stop bullshitting us that you're doing your jobs as citizens.

It is worth a visit to Mr. MC's website "The Macho Response" AT THIS LINK I delight in all blogs from Black conservatives and wish they get as much support as possible given the sometimes hard road they have to travel.For example see the remarkable Adrienne Ross from Motivation Truth fight a tenacious but lonely fight in this clip;

By clicking on his (MC's) link above (a cultist) or viewing the clip on Mormonism on his blog you can see where he is coking from. I on the other hand won't vote for Romney either but approach the matter in a different way. I won't vote for Mitt because I believe he is deeply sincere about his Mormonism. I expand on this in what I believe is a considered, non-prejudicial and researched manner in a post AT THIS LINK but the gist of the matter to me is this;

Thus for Romney to hold, as I am sure he sincerely does, to the purported historic roots of the Mormon faith
 shows that, to me at least, he has thought processes that are a significant aspect of his personality that are questionable in respect of wider views he might hold now or in the future.

These include concepts which, again to me, are are totally divorced from reality. I would not look to a candidate for president to have, again, as a major aspect of his very being, this sort of mindset. Simply put, if non-rationality at this core level can be accepted and acted on then, what other non-rationality can also be accepted and acted on?

In passing here is a leftist viewpoint on Romney and his religion
And a Baptist view "If Romney is the nominee Obama will win because evangelicals will stay home" AT THIS LINK

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