Friday, March 2, 2012

Big Breasted Women/ The Greek Economic Crisis As A Warning To America

Gardiner presents that the current economic collapse in Greece is a direct result of statism,entitlement and endless borrowing to prop up a bloated social welfare and restricted labor environment. There  are lessons for America;
1. The market is the best determiner of economic success not the state
2. Low taxes, low inflation, low debt yields a better long term result than high taxes, high debt
3. A beyond safety net welfare system leads to dependency and strife
4. There is no such thing as a free lunch-if workers want a four day week and two months vacation time there is a cost.
5. And for those who came  here looking for women with big breasts and not an economics analysis-a free, prosperous market leads to healthier individuals and larger mammary glands. Sighhhh-if BBW are really needed to be viewed. there are some AT THIS LINK

Gardiner: Future is Extremely Bleak for Greece
Feb 10, 2012
- 5:03 -
Nile Gardiner, Heritage Foundation Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom director, on the ongoing debt crisis in Europe and its impact on America.

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