Sunday, March 4, 2012

NY Times;"Noxious To Some Involved (Palin Hit Piece"Game Change") To Portray Sitting President".But Bush Assassination Movie Was OK To "Some"?

That the leftist media has its head so far up its ass that it can't see daylight, or even smell its own faeces is proven once again. Also proven is that anything goes when a potential candidate for destruction-be it Palin or Bush is involved. 

On the other hand if there is the slightest potential for a leftist figure to be harmed the such action is "offensive".

In the New York Times overview of the Palin hit piece "Game Change" the question is posed (not because of any journalistic qualms one would imagine but because it is so obvious that not to pose it would be worse from a leftist newspapers point of view-better to dispose of it as they see fit) "why just pick on the Palin segment from the book?" 

The question is posed because the Revd. Wright, the "Journolist" conspiracy' the Clinton/Obama battle would seem to be more important than what happened with the VP pick on the losing team. Although David Frum appears to to think that Palin is, almost, responsible for every ill in America society today in his "conservative" hatchet job review of the HBO hatchet job.

Here's how the New York Times handles this delicate question;

“Why did Hollywood focus on only one-half of ‘Game Change’? The other half would have made a great movie.”
The answers are numerous — and probably disappointing to conspiratorialists. “There were a number of films in the book,” said Len Amato, the president of HBO Films. “Our job was to zero in on the best one.”
HBO at first tried to translate the hard-fought primary campaign between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton into movie form, but the script for it was unwieldy (and the prospect of casting an actor to play a sitting president was noxious to some people involved)."
That the movie "Death of a President" about the future assassination of a sitting President, George W. Bush-whilst still in office mind you in 2006, could be made, and win an award too without offending the sensibilities of its producers speaks volumes.
That the New York Times could "forget" that such a movie Or the Oliver Stone movie "W") was made when Bush was in office, and not make that rebuttal, shows how deeply dedicated to the left it and the leftists Hollywood denizens are. 
No amount of spin will disguise that fact nor the fact that "Game Change" was conceived as a Palin hit piece on the assumption she would be a candidate. Hopefully they will lose money on their gamble.

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