Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Leftist"Wonkette" She's (Palin) Smarting Because We Called Her Out For Waving That Retard Of Hers Around

One would have thought that the execrable people at the disgusting  so called progressive "Wonkette" site 
AT THIS LINK would have learned their lesson. 

When they last called Sarah Palin's son a "retard" there was a mass outpouring of anger from people from all political sides of the fence and walks of life.

The reaction was so strong that they lost most,if not all of the advertisors. Yet, here they go again.

 In a snarky piece about Sarah Palin's comments to CNN about who she voted for in the Alaska caucus the comments from the Palin Deranged (PDS) readers of Wonkette launched into a huge number of disgusting comments about her and her family. This one about Sarah's children;

Lets see the same outrage from the media and the left that they have thrown at Limbaugh-lets see the advertisers cancel but lets not hold our breath waiting for the hypocrites to leap into action.

On the other hand it is time for the same decent minded folks from all walks of life to express their outrage and contact Wonkette's advertisers. 

Note these are comments on the site not editorial, but I believe the site owners are responsible for what appears there if they don't remove such disgusting things.
Due to outrage from decent people the editor of Wonkette has closed down further comments. She has not removed the post of course and has given her commentators free reign to continue to call Palin a cunt.
That is not good enough and the advertisers should still be encouraged to remove their support.

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