Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unbelievable; A Fair To Palin Review Of Game Change:"Will fill liberals with a fleeting sense of superiority"

Jason Abuzzo at "Liberty Film Magazine" 
AT THIS LINK has a world weary review of the Palin hit piece hatchet job "Game Change HBO offering. 

It is, to my mind, the first fair and balanced review of this piece of drek. His comments on the depiction of Sarah Palin are right on the money;

And make no mistake: Game Change depicts Sarah Palin as flighty and temperamental, as a Hollywood-style diva who fires staffers on a whim, and as ignorant of the most basic facts about American history and governance.

Whether this depiction is believable, of course, is another question entirely.
Indeed, viewers will be free to question whether Palin really required briefings on the basic differences between the Afghanistan and Iraq wars (which seems unlikely, given that her son Track was deployed to Iraq), or on the elemental facts of World War II, or that she didn’t know what the Federal Reserve does.
Though even Palin’s most ardent supporters would hesitate to compare her to William F. Buckley in her eloquence or erudition, Game Change stretches the Palin-as-ignoramus clich√© past the point of credibility

Abuzzo nails the facts of the matter by not concentrating so much on the "plot' such as it is as he describes it "plodding" but the motivation behind it. Not surprisingly he finds; 

"Game Change will likely do what most political movies made by Hollywood’s elite power brokers do these days: enrage conservatives, fill liberals with a fleeting sense of superiority, and drive HBO’s ratings down while the rest of us watch SportsCenter or Shahs of Sunset.

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