Saturday, March 31, 2012

Financial Times: Producers went along with distorted account of Palin pick

The Financial Times has a very good response to the Game Change hatchet job which concludes with this pithy statement; Read the whole item AT THIS LINK
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UPDATE; Here is the full text

Clark S. Judge, Managing Director of the White House Writers Group, penned the following letter to the Financial Times:
Sir, In “How Hollywood changed my view of Sarah Palin” (Comment, March 24), Gillian Tett mistakenly accepts the HBO movie Game Change’s account of John McCain’s August 2008 selection of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running-mate…..
Mr McCain had a problem with strong conservatives and independents. Each group was bound to see his vice-presidential choice as evidence of whether they could trust him. However, any likely candidate who would attract one was all but certain to alienate the other – except Ms Palin.
We all know how she energises conservatives even today. But in mid-2008 she looked as good a bet to excite nonaligned voters.
In becoming Alaska’s governor, Ms Palin had shown independence and courage, challenging an entrenched establishment of her own party. In her brilliant convention acceptance speech, Ms Palin reached out to both conservatives and independents, and for the next half month the ticket led in the polls….
Ms Palin’s strengths and weaknesses have been, in Ms Tett’s phrase, “twisted by a political machine gone mad” as operatives tried to pass blame for their campaign blunders. But whatever one thinks of her, it is a shame that HBO’s producers went along with that distorted account.

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