Saturday, March 24, 2012

Will September 1st See A Launch Of "Palin 2016" Sites & "Red Puma" Sites?

The GOP's convention in Tampa runs from August 27th  to August 30th. If on August 31st Sarah Palin is not the presidential nominee (or perhaps more unlikely the vice-presidential nominee) as a result of a brokered convention, then a repeat, to a substantial degree of the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) phenomenon of 2008 is on the cards.

Hilary Clinton had a massive following, including many dedicated female supporters who, desperately unhappy with what they saw as Clinton being cheated out of the nomination created numerous PUMA blogs. 

These blogs ran a serious anti-Obama campaign thought the election period and a few still exist today and it is quite feasible they will be recreated should President Obama lose in November. One would expect to see a substantial number of Hillary 2106 sites mid-November no matter how many times Clinton denies she will run.

Similarly I am in little doubt that by September 1st a substantial number of "Red PUMA" sites will have sprung up in support of Palin, and some of them quite openly hostile to Romney should he be the nominee.

That Palin will not be seen as having been robbed  of the nomination by the GOP hierarchy, supported by the media, since she chose not to run, is of course a significant difference. 

Of course, if there is a brokered convention, and Palin is seen as being denied the nomination by smoke filled room machinations, then the Palin supporters will explode. The most likely being they will sit the election out-even if she endorses Romney or whomever the nominee is.

However one only has to have a quick read of comments on various pro-Palin sites to see, that what appears to be a significant number, will not vote for Romney and, if he is the nominee, will be open to supporting the PUMA sites. This again, even if Palin supports the eventual nominee.

One thing is absolutely certain, if the GOP nominee loses to President Obama, then the day after the election the PUMA sites will be transformed into Palin 2016 sites and the left/right battle for the heart and soul of the GOP will have commenced.

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