Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lib Boston Paper Slams Palin Hit Piece "Game Change"Moore & A Script "That Doesn't Make Sense"

Finding a newspaper in ultra-liberal Massachusetts whose reviewer tears the Palin hit piece/hatchet job HBO revenge of the Hollywood leftists movie to shreds is surprise indeed.

One can only express,after recovering fro the shock, kudos to the reviewer Mark A. Perigard at the Boston Herald's "The Edge" arts page for his objectivity and remain true to journalistic ethics. No doubt many of his readers would have been expecting another of the tawdry anti-Palin reviews and no doubt the comments section will soon fill up with attacks on Mr. Perigard-but good for him for his professionalism.

Perigard is in a no nonsense, tell it straight mood as clearly seen by the quotes which follow on from his charged heading "Julianne Moore doesn't cut it as Palin in "Game Change." 

What a difference even the article title makes from the sycophantic, slavering interviews with Moore and articles about her performance as Palin "which will see an Oscar nomination"  as said by at least one major critic lost in liberal swooning.

Apart from the paucity of Moore's performance the perhaps more important aspect is the biased political message the movie presents-which Perigard launches into; The whole review is available AT THIS LINK

If the negative comments have commenced-show Mr. P some love.

Some parts of the script don’t make sense.
Before making his concession speech, McCain (Ed Harris) warns her, “You’re one of the leaders of the party now, Sarah. Don’t get co-opted by Limbaugh and the other extremists. They’ll destroy the party if you let them. Remember, you’re a hockey mom who just wanted to make a difference, and you did, a big, huge difference.”
It’s hard to believe McCain would be that patronizing, but then “Game Change” plays by its own rules

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