Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Disappointing,I Discover Charles Johnson's "Little Green Footballs" Is A Load Of Rubbish

How very disappointing. Because the cumulative site "Memeorandum" listed my post about the new Breitbart site, and it's major article on Obama/Alinsky, as a "go to" site, I decided to see what the other sites so listed had to say.

Amongst the other sites was Charles Johnston's "Little Green Footballs" which I had not visited before. I was curious to see what sort of intellectual rebuttal to Breitbart that Johnson would put up, as I had noticed the redoubtable Stacy McCain had had a series of run in with him.

As I respected Mr. McCain as a journalist and intellectual, I would have expected that for him to consider someone to be worthy of  on-line duel they must also have a site of some consequence. It now appears that McCain was acting out of exasperation with what is, Johnson's, clearly an intellectually inferior and frankly childish site.

Breitbart has posted an important article discussing the Obama/Alinsky linkage,which, along with a discussion of Stacy McCain's post on the communist connected family history of David Axelrod AT THIS LINK is a matter of some validity as it deals with the thought processes, and influences on, the now president.

Johnson "discusses", frankly that is to strong a word as all he does is present a childish, oh so very very clever, cynical rant. Not only that he is intellectually dishonest in his brief dismissal. He chides Breitbart for revealing  that "14 years ago Obama attended a play in Chicago." Johnson leaves out that Obama participated in a panel discussion on stage at the end of the play, which is slightly more significant than just "attending".

If anything the comments by his readers are even worse than Johnson's, being at the Daily Kos/Wonkette juvenile level, which is not surprising as they repeat his "attending the play" silliness. They then go on to attack Fox TV for rightly calling Maher a foul mouth-which he is-as what he said about Palin is a million times worse than Rush's "slut" comment, but which the left conveniently forget.

Anyway here is a brief sample of the writing "style" of Johnson-I won't inflict readers with more than a few lines, as the gist is obvious-what a disappointment.

Frankly my blog,which is the distillation of a lifetimes experience, unlike the ramblings of juveniles and minds unformed by experience, is far superior to his sad efforts which I won't bother visiting again. I can't understand why McCain wasted any effort on Johnson who writes this sort of rubbish;

"Tonight, Breitbart’s fearless heirs have unleashed the BREITBARTOCALYPSE! And Barack Hussein Obama can only cower in terror.
The earth-shattering scoop that will blow this baby wide open can now be revealed: 14 years ago Obama attended a play in Chicago."
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