Friday, March 23, 2012

First Sign Of Romney's" Etch A Sketch" Disaster?;PPP "Santorum At 47% Romney 25% Amongst Late Deciders In Louisiana"

PPP Polling, which has had a remarkable run of prediction success in recent GOP primary polling just reports AT THIS LINK IN FULL DETAIL)

"Santorum also appears to have the late momentum on his side. Among those who've decided who to vote for in the last few days he's at 47% to just 25% for Romney. That suggests he could end up winning by an ever wider margin than he has in this poll" 

Santorum's overall lead is currently 42% to 28%. A number of factors may be contributing to the late Santorum surge, one being a decline in support for Newt Gingrich with his voters moving to some degree to Santorum. But that begs the questions as to why that is happening, if it indeed is.

It might not be because voters are worried that Romney might win as Santorum has always had a safe enough lead in Louisiana, especially with the states conservative and substantial Catholic voters. 

One could, perhaps safely, conjecture that the Romney is an Etch a Sketch candidate gaffe by his campaign manager has convinced wavering conservatives who were at the point of being seduced by the media's/Romney's campaign "inevitability/electability argument, that Romney is as they always suspected-i.e. no conservative.

Thus, as I have written previously, the Gaffe marks one of the two most important moments of the campaign. It appears that the voters of Louisiana agree.

This race may well have some time to run and the Etch A Sketch disaster for the Romney team is not going away quickly, no matter how inconsequential Ann Althouse's wishful and dismissive thinking considers it to be.

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