Thursday, March 8, 2012

Righteous Palin; "How Can Obama Sleep At Night Having Taken (Maher's) Dirty Money

Palin hits President Obama hard "as a man not of valor" for the hypocrisy of not condemning Maher and not direction his Super Pac to return Maher's "dirty money".

Palin at her most formidable and righteous. Hannity deserves due credit for calling out Carney too.
Josh Painter comments:

In reply to Hannity’s questioning, the former Alaska governor said that she had not received an apology from Bill Maher, nor had President Obama telephoned her, as he had Sandra Fluke in regard to comments by Rush Limbaugh which Rush later apologized for. The governor said she doesn’t even want to talk to “such a petty and small-minded man” as Maher, nor does she want a call from Obama. She said Maher’s misogynistic comments about conservative women were “disgusting,” and his $1 million dollar contribution to Obama’s reelection campaign is “dirty money.”
Regarding the Breitbart Tapes, Gov. Palin said, “It is a tragedy the media did not do its job” of vetting Obama when he was still a U.S. Senator running for the presidency. She slammed Obama for his radicalism and pointed out that he has surrounded himself with radicals, several of whom he appointed as White House “czars.” The 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate also singled out McCain-Palin senior campaign strategist Steve Schmidt for not allowing either her or Sen. McCain make an issue of Obama’s radical associations on the stump.
The Mama Grizzly commented that it seems that Obama, by engaging in class warfare, seems to want to take the country back to a time in its history prior to the Civil War when a person’s opportunities were largely determined by his or her class in society.
Asked if she though a Romney nomination was inevitable, Sarah Palin relied, “I don’t think anything is inevitable.” She opined that it was important for the GOP primary contest to continue and all four presidential candidates to be fully vetted because Obama wasn’t vetted, and the nation is in a terrible mess as a result.

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