Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rubio Knows A (Romney)Sinking Ship As Devastating Poll Result;"I am Not A VP Candidate"

UPDATE:Rubio subsequently endorses Romney.That does not alter the sinking November ship one iota it just means that Rubio, who did not endorse Romney when it mattered i.e. during the Florida primary, is a clever politician who is now seen as supporting the establishment candidate, thus placing himself as a 2016 or 2020 contender
According to a "The Hill" report 
AT THIS LINK Florida Senator Marco Rubio advised "I am not going to be the vice-presidential nominee."

This comes at the same time an absolutely devastating poll from ABC News which
AT THIS LINK shows that Mitt Romney is the most unpopular significant candidate "in 28 years."

Rubio has been touted as the most obvious and presumably popular VP candidate for Romney given his Hispanic heritage and Florida as a key state for the GOP for November with possible advantages in New Mexico/Nevada and Colorado as well.

It has been noticeable that articles have appeared recently advising that, just perhaps, Rubio would not bring any significant Hispanic support to the ticket so who knows what has been going on behind the scenes as perhaps the Romney camp has been trying to soften the coming blow? 

It is simply not a good look for Romney that the proposed best choice for his running mate doesn't want to know.If Rubio sensed that Romney was an absolute certainly he might have made a different statement today-who knows but surely that is a possibility.

With Romney as the candidate the Republican's would have a difficult challenge overcoming the seeming advantage the Dem's have in the electoral College. in my opinion at this point Governor McDonnell of Virginia-which is the absolute must state the GOP has to win, would be a better bet for VP but polls show that even with him on the ticket President Obama has a strong lead there.

Perhaps the  better solution would be for Romney not to be the nominee and to have someone who is far more popular with the GOP than he is heading the ticket? is there such a person out there (yes there is)

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