Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lib Media Writes Off GOP-Avoids Obama Plus 4 To Minus 9 Poll Drop In 3 Weeks

 The leftist media has been running with their latest en mass theme which is something like "the GOP's caustic primary season has left all the possible candidates bruised and scarred and President Obama is quietly  moving along to certain re-election."

That "bruising" primary campaigns are nothing  out of the ordinary and that when a candidate is selected the supposedly "turned off" voters will close ranks for the most part and tribalism will reassert itself.

Probably most people are only mildly interested in all the comings and goings and unlike the political writers/bloggers/late night comedians/talk show hosts/Hollywood leftists really don't notice any candidates bruises and will just wait to see who they will support with whatever degree of enthusiasm they muster.

The campaign season does serve another purpose in that it exposes, for those interested in that sort of thing, the overwhelming bias across the aforementioned categories. 

That a concentrated theme of hopelessness for the Republicans, and utter sanguineness for the president can be created with disregard for what is right in front of their eyes, is nothing short of stupendous in its hypocrisy and arrogance.

The Real Clear Politics aggregate of major polls shows that just three weeks ago President Obama had a plus 4 positive approval rating at 50/46. 

Today both the highly respected Rasmussen and Gallup polls have his positive rating at 45 with Rasmussen  having his rating at 45/54 a huge 9 point difference and a 13 point turnaround from three weeks previous.

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