Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cheney has Heart Transplant-Cue 1 Million Leftist Hate "Jokes" In "New Civility" Demonstration

ABC's Jake tapper reports that former VP Dick Cheney has undergone a heart transplant procedure and is recovering AT THIS LINK

Presuming this is correct the leftist hate mobs, Letterman and the other Dem mouthpieces will be huddled with their gag writers to fire off as many "jokes' as they can possibly dream up. 

We will see a demonstration of the left's "new civility" as called for by President Obama. In the meantime, just to keep the edge on, Maher calls Palin "an idiot' in his latest ever so clever monologue.

To try and reason with immature jerks, to try and ask for the left to forgo their Alinsky tactics for the sake of a better America is a futile exercise. 

Suzi Parker at The Washington Post AT THIS LINK did her very best, but a glance at the leftist hate comments will show the utter futility of trying to reason with them

Palin sums it up, as usual, clearly and directly;

Sarah Palin went on Hannity tonight to discuss the hateful rhetoric from the left and why the leaders from the left are not only mum about it, but continue to work with these hateful leftists and even take their money, all the while they try and silence the right for much less. She even calls out the president over not apologizing for his Special Olympicscomment  

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