Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palin On The Path To Being A Bob Beckel/Ann Coulter ?

With the confirmation that it is not an April Fool's Day joke, that Sarah Palin will indeed co-host the Today show on leftist channel NBC a sense of disquiet has emerged from some of Palin's most dedicated supporters.

If this appearance is in the nature of a one off, or a very once in a while happening then there is little possibility of long term damage to Palin's credibility as a viable political contender in the future, should she wish to go down that path. 

After all, Ronald Reagan shilled for GE for many years and hosted the 20 Mule Team Borax show and neither prevented him from running for president.

Americans understand the need for a breadwinner to make money, especially one with a special needs child, and name recognition is a vital aspect of running for office as well.

If, on the other hand Palin's Today appearance is a trial run for an extended television career in the Bob Beckel/Pat Buchanan fashion, then her viability as a conservative candidate will be over.

As was obvious, Beckel/Buchanan and similar personalities with strong opinions, served the purpose of being a punching bag/straw man for the right and left channels they respectively were on. Thus MSNBC and Fox could point to them as examples of their stations being "fair and balanced."

If that is where Palin's Today guest spot eventually leads to, or if she becomes an Ann Coulter shrill shouter for those shows which want someone to shout as loudly as the leftist commentator they have on a panel, then good for her it that is what she wants.

But it is not good for me and for the millions (as per her Facebook following) who wish to see Palin, and more importantly the common sense conservatism she represents, in the highest office. 

Already there are grumblings on the right ,and some have advised they have ceased to support her because she will appear in the "enemy camp." Which is a wrong-headed response I believe, and highly emotional, but totally understandable given the amount of dedication some have to Palin.

If she does go down the commentator path, let us hope she retains her dignity, and her credibility, by not ending up like  Beckel/Buchanan/Coulter et al, but is seen and appreciated as a person of high values and a deliverer of important conservative thinking to the viewing audiences of high quality programs.

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