Thursday, April 5, 2012

At "Daily Kos"; Is It The Least Bit Racist To Call Your (Augusta) Tournament The Masters?" Are They Not Referring To Slave Masters ?"

There is  a typically snide Kos article about Mitt Romney supporting President Obama's call for women to be members of the Augusta National Golf Club AT THIS LINK which I won't bother readers with any excepts from. Suffice to say it is from the radical leftist Daily Kos and is about a Republican-you can fill in the gaps yourself if you can be bothered.

What sets this article apart from the usually juvenile run of the mill trash at that site, is this astounding comment, which, and I can't believe I am actually writing this, asks the question whether the Masters tournament held at Augusta is in fact... RACIIIIIIIIST. 

The liberal mind never ceases to amaze, I am used to the most absurd polemics and conspiracy theories being directed at e.g. Sarah Palin ( her son Trig is really not her son which had its genesis at Kos) and mad ideas like "President Bush and VP Cheney will declare a state of emergency and not give up office" which had a major run on Kos in 2008, but this takes the cake.

This person actually goes on to defend his statement so it is not some spur of the moment mind slip. No, the radical left believes in this sort of garbage. Remember this is the site created by Kos who infamously tweeted, after Gifford's was shot "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin" it has no reason to exist except as a go to site for hate mongers on it.

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