Thursday, April 12, 2012

leftist Daily Kos On Rosengate; The Attacks Against Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama Are Unprecedented In My Lifetime" Hello-Does "Palin " ring a bell?

As the hypocrisy from the right continues unabated over Dem operative Hillary Rosen's idiotic "Ann Romney has not worked a day in her life" statement which I dealt to 
AT THIS LINK, the idiotic left now chimes in with this impossible to believe comment.

The Kos site is the notorious radical leftist blog which produced such idiocies as a long running debate as to how Bush and Cheney were going to declare Marshal Law and not vacate office. It is the "brain child" of one Kos who infamously tweeted, after the Gifford's tragedy "Mission accomplished Sarah Palin,"

So for a commentator to consider that Sarah Palin has not been attacked in an "unprecedented" manner in a lifetime must rank right up there with the ultimate in leftist stupidity. 

That comment was posted on the site which invented the "Trig is not Sarah Palin's son" controversy which, if for no other disgusting calumny, must allow for "Daily Kos" to be one of the most disgusting cesspools the likes of which are unprecedented in my lifetime.

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