Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Sorrow & The Pity. Gingrich On CNN Shows What A Fine Candidate Of Ideas He Would Have Been

Here is a man who speaks common sense in the light of leftist questioning and mantra repeating by Blitzer. A serious minded person with a wealth of positive ideas, especially in his new Contract For America.

Like Palin, Gingrich has been savaged by the GOP/Dem establishment and the leftist media. He would have provided a campaign of ideas against President Obama and a real alternative, conservative choice.

Massive financial resources and a despicable media blitz against him have destroyed this man's chances sadly. However, we see through a glass darkly and a Palin/Gingrich combination in 2016 after the Romney debacle may be the ultimate end of this current dark situation.

Gingrich to Blitzer: ‘Everyone else’ is NOT asking me to drop out

Wolf Blitzer interviewed Speaker Gingrich Wednesday on CNN's "The Situation Room":

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