Friday, April 20, 2012

Filthy Scum At Wonkette Grudgingly Admit "Palin Right"

The filthy potty mouthed alleged humans at the juvenile "satire" site "Wonkette" actually have a post up to froth and gibber at which, more or less, doesn't attack Sarah Palin.

Wonkette achieved its lower than the dirtiest trash award when it ran an article attacking Palin's defenceless child which it categorized as a "retard'. this caused massive outrage and saw nearly all their advertisers running for the hills to get as far away from the stench as possible.

Palin has been one of the favorite targets for these low lives who seem to think they are ever so witty with their scatological 'humor" when commenting on the Palin hate piece du jour. But once again the site managers had to cancel a piece as the comment "Palin keeps waving that retard of hers around like a red flag" was posted.

Today they have a post up which admits that Palin had a point when she attacked a secret serviceman for not doing his job by allegedly ogling her during the 2008 campaign, which if true could have out her life in danger. 

the only reasons this post is up at Wonkette is that the radical left has decided that Palin is no longer a threat to Obama and, more to the point, a woman has bought the site (why?) and even the most leftist feminist might, on the odd occasion when it is so obvious and Palin is no longer a threat, support another woman.

needless to say the comments are full of the most degrading filth-degrading to the commenter's of course as normal people could only have pity on such poor excuses for humans who could think and express themselves so badly.

the favor they are doing for the conservative cause is of course that they expose to the harsh light the true face of radical leftism which is, at its core, based on jealousy and hate.

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