Monday, April 16, 2012

What Leftists Think of Conservatives;Letterman "Gingrich& Paul Vying For The Crackpot Voters"

No doubt miffed because he doesn't have Santorum to kick around anymore Letterman had a few parting shots at Rick before letting America know what he thinks of anyone who might wish to vote for Gingrich or Ron Paul.

"Gingrich and Ron Paul are now vying for the crackpot voters" he said. So apart from showing just how deep he is in the tank for Obama-honestly the Tonight Show should have "Brought to you by the DNC' as part of its logo- he shows what utter contempt he has for conservatives.

It is not "humor" or satire to categorize people who honestly consider that the policies of Paul or Gingrich are an answer to the major problems besetting America as "crackpots".

It is not being a "crackpot' to call for a major review of The Reserve Bank or the place of non-fiat money in the economy. It is not being a "crackpot" to consider Gingrich's well thought out plan for America as having points well worth supporting. But this is of course whistling in the wind. 

Nothing will make the elitist leftists see middle America as anything but flyover country whose inhabitants  cling to their guns and religion. This is all the more sad when someone who comes from Indiana like Letterman is so bewitched by New York values that he abandons his upbringing environment on the altar of liberalism and the ensuing snobbery this brings.

The road that Letterman has travelled form his 1950's Hoosier upbringing is best illustrated by his comment the previous day that he wished he had thought of the current trendy liberal phrase "I'm not getting married until everyone has the right to get married." 

That this bit of trendy leftist none sense can be taken to its ultimate idiocy of not getting married until everyone can marry their brother or sister or have multiple spouses or marry an horse escapes Letterman and his ilk.

On the positive side the more they push their elitist condescending agenda and are seen as totally in the tank for the Dem's the day draws closer when the "crackpots" also known as decent common sense Americans, will have had enough of the Hollywood agenda as typified by Letterman, Maher and their ilk, and will create a social and political rebirth.

The first step in this new GOP is to dispense with Romney, the other non-conservatives potential candidates for 2016 and their enablers in the establishment after his defeat in November.

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