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McCain;"hope “Roll Over for Romney” bandwagon halted before GOP Establishment succeeds in saddling us with doomed loser"

Robert Stacy McCain of "The Other McCain" has a deeply thoughtful overview ironically entitled "Think happy thoughts'" of the current political scene as it applies to and effects conservatives. He, rightly, points out that Romney, whom the GOP establishment and supporting (for now) media are trying to steam roll into the nomination, has only 40% support

The key sentence in full:

 " let’s hope that the pundits and pollsters are wrong, that Rick Santorum is on the verge of a world-shocking triumph in Wisconsin, and that this “Roll Over for Romney” bandwagon can be halted before the GOP Establishment once more succeeds in saddling us with a doomed loser who will utterly demoralize whatever remnant of grass roots conservatism survives the looming debacle.

After analysing where the current system is failing, basically, as I read it, because of the entrenched attachment to it by those who prosper from it who are thus inimical to reform Mccain sets this out in his inimitable fashion;

"A major problem is the difficulty of locating the blame for failure in a system where many of the participants are experts at blame-shifting and only too eager to make unpopular scapegoats bear the responsibility of failure. This was what happened to Sarah Palin in 2008, and I claim no special prescience in saying I saw that coming and tried to warn against it. The Steve Schmidts and Nicolle Wallaces, however, had acquired influence which enabled them to manipulate perceptions in such a way that the crucial failure of the 2008 campaign — John McCain’s panicked reaction to the financial crisis — was forgotten, while Palin was unjustly blamed.

Now we come to 2012 and, if the pundits are to be believed, Mitt Romney is now the “inevitable” GOP nominee, despite the fact that he has to date received less than 40 percent of the vote in Republican primaries and caucuses. If Romney is nominated, therefore, it will be despite the opposition of GOP voters and the conservative movement. Many believe that Romney is doomed to repeat the Republican failures of 1996 and 2008 and, if those prophecies are accurate, there will be a reckoning after the November election, in which the leadership of the conservative movement will have an opportunity to examine the causes of its failures."

Read the whole article AT THIS LINK it is despairing I believe., but to me the seeds of change are in the mix. Below is an article from last October which shows what that seed is. I will vote for Santorum for New York hoping that he can deny Romney a first ballot win and that a brokered convention can deliver a better candidate. But if not I am perfectly sanguine with Romney running and losing. I will not vote for him, but I respect R.S. McCain's statement that he would, as I believe the defense of Christianity trumps whether President Obama gets four more (neutered)years or even if Obama puts in liberal Supreme Court judges.

Stacy-nil desperandum, and let us look forward to the day of reckoning on November 8th and get behind the only person who can heal the GOP's self inflicted wounds in 2016 whether Obama or Romney is elected.

By Rico Rhodes

"SarahPAC went right on collecting cash while rumors swirled about whether or not the darling of the tea party would mount a 2012 presidential campaign.  That continuing fund-raising convinced many politicos that Sarah Palin would enter the fray and fight for next year's GOP nomination.  

But by choosing not to run in 2012, Gov. Palin showed she was thinking one step ahead of most observers.  As she told Greta Van Susteren, "I believe that at this time I can be more effective in a decisive role to help elect other true public servants to office."
That is to say, if the GOP can simply prevent resounding Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, and keep President Obama's legislative agenda handcuffed, Palin will be in prime position to be elected our 45th president in November 2016.

Despite a stagnant American economy and festering unemployment, President Obama is taking in more money --by a lot--than any of his Republican rivals.  Is he vulnerable to defeat in 2012?  Yes, vulnerable.  But between his burgeoning campaign warchest and the flagging popularity of those on both sides of the aisle, the smart money is still on his likely re-election.  A pragmatic Sarah Palin knows it isn't time to strike.  

Nominees only get one shot in the general, and she doesn't want to waste hers now.  She sees that 2016 could very well be a Republican cakewalk if the GOP plays its cards right, and that is where she has her laser focus.
So long as Democrats do not both have control of the House as well as 60 Senators, and it seems a near-certainty they will not, Republicans should be able to prevent President Obama from accomplishing any of his policy initiatives.  

So long as his attempts to repair a flailing economy are frustrated, and high unemployment rates are strategically maintained, the court of public opinion will deem his an unproductive, ineffective eight years and the GOP nominee will coast to a 2016 victory in much the way Obama did in 2008.
Gov. Palin knows the winning play is also the patient one. 

It should be relatively easy, with the political savvy House and Senate Republicans have already shown they possess, to continue hamstringing President Obama's stabs at the "hope and change" he sold to voters in 2008.
A patriot like Sarah Palin knows the national political stage is set for a patient pragmatist.  And in about five years President Palin will be rewarded."

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