Thursday, April 12, 2012

Screw GOP "Outrage" Over Rosen/Ann Romney Where Were They When Left Was Crucifying Palin?

Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has a number tweets that have caught his fancy during the Twitterverse fire storm over Dem apologist Hilary Rosen's idiotic comment that Ann Romney had "never worked a day in her life."

Michelle Malkin's Tweet that Rosen has done the impossible and united the right around Mitt is clever, but is incorrect. It has rather enabled the Romneyite media to erupt in mass attack and use the idiotic comment from a nobody to try and blunt the fact that Romney is polling badly with women.

To indicate that a person who raises children is somehow not considered to be doing work work is an insult to common sense much less the, mostly, women who engage in such 24/7 labor. In Romney's case five children, matter how many servants one has, is still 24/7 mind tiring, unlike a 9-5 which lets some off for good behaviour for the evening if their job is  not on the line.

Rosen' has apologised and qualified her remarks and indicated what she was trying to say, and said baldy , that someone is such a multi-millionaire environment as Ann Romney is not positioned to comment on the travails of the rest of society-which is of course a fair point. 99% of the rest of us don't have to look after a stable of dressage ponies and check that our fleet of Cadillacs is being regularly maintained.

But back to Malkin's observation. Apart from the  indignation that any person who has raised  or has been in a family, from whatever political persuasion one makes the observation, Rosen's idiocy has done nothing to "unite' the conservative right behind Romney. he has not changed, his record has not changed and his level of primary vote support is still below the other candidates.

All this faux outrage from the Beltway/Country Club/establishment Romneyite supporters has done is to throw into stark relief just how quite they were when Sarah Palin, as VP candidate and subsequently was left to twist in the wind when under genuinely unfair attacks from the left.

The establishments utter silence during the period when she was maligned during the Gifford's tragedy, the attacks by Barbara Bush who is now rushing to Ann Romney's defense, the traitorous attacks on Palin from some in the McCain team subsequent to the election where, by implication, Palin was responsible for the 2008 loss. The silence during the McGinnis book hatchet job, the "game Change movie hatchet job was astounding.

Sorry Michelle, rather than unite behind Romney this Rosen episode has made me, and I am sure many many others, more determined than ever to sit out the election this November.

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