Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In A Sea Of Leftist Media Hate A Warm Spirited Article On Palin Floats Above the Dross

At The American Thinker, Tom Thurlow has posted a warm spirited, frankly a delightful article, "Palin's Privilege" notable at least for its freshness on Sarah Palin. 

With so much instant hate generated at her no matter what she says or does it is a pleasure to read an even handed overview of the current Palin (she is a work in progress and grows all the time from a solid base of accomplishment).

Here is part which gives an idea of the substance but it is well worth reading the entire piece AT THIS LINK as it is genuinely uplifting;

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was on the Today show last week, and she did very well.  It was an enjoyable show, and she handled the occasional barbs against her with class.  But don't mention that in mixed company (liberals and conservatives), or anywhere online.
Palin's appearance on Today was met with an avalanche of criticism from the left.  Websites like Democratic Underground and Huffington Post stewed in their hatred for Gov. Palin.  Lefty mocker Jon Stewart ridiculed her.  Former Today host Bryant Gumbel even said he was "embarrassed by Palin's appearance on the show," and hecomplained that she lacked the capability of reporting or interviewing, or having "a degree of gravitas."
In these people's attacks against Gov. Palin, the familiar refrain is that she is stupid, but that doesn't sound quite right.  When liberals criticize Sarah Palin is being stupid, they have a real anger in their voice or urgency in their blog posts.
If the commentariat were really concerned about a public figure who is stupid, they would focus on Vice President Joe Biden.  To those who pay attention to the news, if they are honest, they would agree that Vice President Joe Biden is a real buffoon.  This recent rambling explanation regarding gasoline prices was yet another proof of Biden's foolishness.
But it is Sarah Palin for whom liberals have a special hatred when they assert that she is stupid.  Why is this?
The last time the left in this country had such a full-throated denunciation of someone as stupid, it was of Ronald Reagan.  I remember it so well because I too was a liberal during Reagan's first term as president.  It was very frustrating to denounce someone as stupid even as he was winning two landslide elections.
Even more frustrating, Reagan didn't seem to care when he was called an idiot.  He just kept doing what he saw as his mandate: unleashing the American economy and defeating the thugs of the Soviet Union.  At the time, I remember feeling guilty in admiring the self-confidence of someone repeatedly called stupid but not seeming to care.  It almost seemed a privilege to Reagan to be called stupid by liberals.
Sure, President Reagan did not exactly sound intellectual, but he did his job well.  When he spoke directly to the people about a certain issue, he connected and persuaded.
Same for Sarah Palin.  She got a bachelor's degree from University of Idaho after spending a lot of time in junior college.  Yet when she discusses the issues, she has a certain connection with the people, and she persuades.

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