Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Josh Painter Closes "Conservatives For Newt" With No Regrets And No Support For Romney

Josh Painter, a well known blogger (Texans For Sarah Palin) and true conservative is closing his Gingrich supporting site "with no regrets" except, as he says to see the last conservative pass out of the race.

He advises that he will not support Romney both in Texas and nationally. Here is his farewell, fullof wisdom and fight. There are some nice comments from folks thanking him for his efforts which readers may wish to add to. Cheers Josh and please continue to fight the good fight.

 I have moved on to Palin4President 2016 as an adjunct to this blog and I am pleased to note it is up to about 2000 page views already. I am confident that sort of response will be the future, per day, after November.

You can see the links to that site and to Josh's at the bloglist on the right of  the blog

Last conservative standing prepares to sit down

It appears that the last conservative standing is about to take a seat at the Republican Party table.

I have said that I would be with Newt until he endorses Mitt Romney. After that, I cannot support the former Speaker in any way, shape or form in anything he does. Please don't take that the wrong way. I have no regrets about supporting Newt, which I have consistently done since October, when Sarah Palin announced that she would not get into the GOP presidential race. I decided to support Gingrich because he was the last Reagan conservative standing at that point, and he has been the last conservative of any stripe standing since Rick Santorum ended his campaign.

My problem is not with Newt. It is with Mitt Romney and the corrupt Republican Party which ensured from the start of the primary campaign that the fix was in for Mitt and that any real conservatives should abandon hope of winning the Stupid Party's presidential nomination. My problem is with the social conservative wing of the GOP which shoots the conservative cause in the foot every time, like it did with Huckabee in 2008 and Santorum this time around. My problem is also with the so-called conservative media which demonized the former Speaker at every turn and by so doing, killed conservative's hopes of having one of our own at the top of the ticket in 2012.

I will not support Mitt Romney in any way, nor will I cast a vote for him in the Texas primary or the general election. I don't know whether Romney is a true Alinskyite or not, but he has allowed Alinsky tactics to be used in his behalf against Newt Gingrich this election cycle, just as he did against Fred Thompson in 2008. In this regard, he is no better than Barack Obama, who is a true Alinskyite. On a number of the issues of this campaign also, Romney is not much different from Obama. Mitt is a pure opportunist with no core at all, and he has demonstrated that he will turn on an issue at the drop of a hat. The man turns my stomach, and I cannot abide his supporters, whom I refer to as "Mittwits" for good reason.

I understand why Newt Gingrich cannot continue his campaign. Being $4.3 million in debt is no easy thing to live with. But as an independent Ronald Reagan conservative myself, I cannot understand why Newt wants to make nice with a GOP which is apostate to the cause of conservatism. I have seen loyalty to political parties my entire life, but I still cannot fully understand it. Political parties are pretty far down my list, which has God at the top, followed closely by family and country. But if Newt wants to try to work himself back into the graces of a party which has tried to destroy him since his days in the House of Representatives, that's his business. But he can do it without my help. I wish him well, and I thank him for making the effort and preaching the conservative message during his time on the battlefield. My only wish is that Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin were not so loyal to a party which has never shown either of them any loyalty in return. Together they could design and build a true conservative party in America which would advance the conservative cause in ways the GOP refuses to do.

With the coming suspension of the Newt 2012 campaign, the justification for continuing this blog no longer remains. I've put some time and effort into it, and its always sad to see a project in which you've invested so much have to end, but end it must. On the plus side, I will have much more time to devote to my writing and blogging efforts elsewhere. My sincere thanks to all who took the time to read this blog and comment on the posts. God's blessing to Newt, you, his and yours.

- JP

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