Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel "How Did We Miss This?" (Obama Eating Dogmeat) Simple, As Palin Said "He Wasn't Vetted"

"This is not something that someone dug up on him. This was in a book the president wrote himself. How did we miss this? If Ryan Seacrest wrote a book and said he ate dog, we would know about it." –Jimmy Kimmel 

Yes, a good point by Kimmel but it is no mystery. Sarah Palin , who underwent the most vicious scrutiny by the leftist media of any candidate in history (remember the army of lawyers sent to Alaska to dig up anything at all) said it clearly.

"Candidate Obama was not vetted."

It certainly is one in the eye for the McCain team, who have been backstabbing Palin subsequently for her supposed incompetence, as they missed such easy pickings. After all, the remark about eating dog meat as a child came from Obama himself in his own book-it wasn't hidden in a corner!

Look, the whole dog thing-the Dem's attacking Romney and now the GOP attacking Obama for dog problems is a load of hooey. What is the significant aspect is, that it shows that Palin was right about Obama, and who knows what else will come out in due course. 

It is also of importance that as time goes by Palin is proved right and competent, and the bias and incompetence, wilfully committed in many cases, by the media who enabled Obama, becomes more and more apparent.

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