Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dumbest Australian Real Estate Advert Ever

"The land of intellectuals" doesn't spring to mind when thinking of Australia. "The lucky country" as the locals term it, fits and quite rightly so, as everything basically comes out of the ground-coal/iron/oil- and is shipped straight off to China. 

It would be unfair to describe all Australians as "feral drongo hoons" as well. 

However, the real estate advert above does little to advance  Oz as the land of the literate I'm afraid.
I can imagine "sparking" in a "ground pool" whilst under 2 "arches" and .3 of a third arch, but being in "colder sack" which I would agree would be quiet, is beyond my imagination I'm afraid. But....who knows, possibly they do things differently in Oz?

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