Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is Andrew Sullivan Paid For Posts Which Are Just Paragraphs From Real Journalists?

Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast has a "post" up
AT THIS LINK which purports to be an article on Santorum's decision to leave the GOP primary race.

This is a matter of some import obviously and the politically minded might be interested, for reasons that escape me, to read what the eccentric view on the matter might be. they will be somewhat disappointed if they turned to Sullivan for some measured, thoughtful analytical point of view-as biased as his heading admits it would be.

Instead they have a few words of introduction, a Drudge picture, and then ten paragraphs or so about Santorum from various real journalists/bloggers of note (to Sullivan of course).

His "column' on this event is one of the worst I have ever seen if it is trying to pass as real journalism. Anybody could simply cut and paste from websites and pass that off as "opinion" for someone of Sullivan's supposed standing to do so it lazy writing at best and trying to jump in for page views at worst.

Eccentricity can only take a blogger so far and without Palin to bash/have conspiracy theories about Sullivan is in danger of (hopefully) fading away. That is one of the few positives I can imagine from a Romney vs Obama campaign, it being so boring that nobody will bother to read what such pundits have to say or rather have to cut and paste.

If Sullivan is getting paid for such rubbish he is on to a good gig but it may not last.

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