Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Latest Leftist Idiocy "I'm Not Getting Married Until Everyone Has The Right To Get Married"

Unfortunately society has to suffer through the meme's and themes of its wackiest members and there are no more wacky than the denizens of the acting profession.

So many of the leftist off the wall attitudes, which are far from the normal mores of mainstream society, originate from the bowels of Hollywood and filter through New York television. Then they wind their way through the gossip mag's and, unfortunately, into the minds of leftist legislatures and activist judges.

Gay marriage has slowly made its way through a number of state legislatures and activist judges rulings. In not a single case has Gay marriage been made law through a public vote so far. There can be no doubt that the influence of the leftist media and elements in society have had a bearing on states enacting such laws. They now of course have to enact Gay divorce laws to deal with the ensuing mess. What effect this has on the children of such marriages is something society will find out in twenty years or so.

Why a civil union, with all the legal protection accruing to married people, was not acceptable to elements of  the Gay community, and which would have kept a fair balance in society without stirring up conservatives passions, can be answered by looking at which element in society was pushing for Gay marriage.

Not being content with their victories so far the latest meme from those quarters is "I won't get married until everyone has the right to get married". 

This cropped up recently when Letterman asked NCIS actress Pauley Perrette if she was married and that was her response. Shortly after when Letterman asked Ricky Gervais the same question and found that Gervais was in a long term relationship. Letterman then said "I wish I had thought of the I'm not getting married until everyone has the right to idea."

I'm sure he did wish it, and we will hear it again and again from him and his ilk.

Like many of the other Hollywood ultra-liberal ideas this one is so unbelievably stupid that it is a comment on their mindset that they can't see the end result of the idea. Let's see if we follow Letterman's desire and if we can do a Top Ten of people who, if we follow the "logic" should be able to be married under the "everybody" rule.

10. I won't get married until everyone has the right to marry their sister
9.   I etc their brother
8.   I etc their mother
7.   I etc their father
6.   I etc their daughter
5.   I etc their son
4.   I etc multiple wives
3.   I etc multiple husbands
2.   I etc multiple husbands and wives
1.   I etc Cats and dogs

I had some friends back in the wacky 60's who threw their wedding ring off a bridge and made a vow not to have children "because overpopulation will destroy the world" which was the wacky leftist theme du jour back then.

They of course have, for no logical reason,had a childless marriage whilst all their contemporaries have experienced the joys and sadness and ups and downs of a normal life together as nature intended. 

They will leave behind a posterity who are making a contribution to society whilst the leftists will leave nothing to mark their passing except their adherence to a false ideal. That is the ultimate sadness of these wacky leftists concepts as they lead to misguided and unfulfilled lives.

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