Sunday, April 15, 2012

Number 1 Yahoo Search Is The Not So "Irrelevant" Palin. "Sarah Who" Indeed Lib's

For all the left and the media's wishful thinking that Palin is now "irrelevant" since she is not a declared candidate the facts show otherwise.

For all the "progressives" sarcasm and "snark" as the witless denizens of such childish sites as "Wonkette" and "Kos" call it, Sarah Palin is massively popular.

For someone who is supposedly irrelevant Palin somehow managed to be the number one search item on Yahoo tonight;
And the supposed irrelevant Palin generated 432 news articles. For those  leftists who feebly counter that "Ryan O'Neal was also searched for in the top 5 he didn't have 432 analytical news articles pertaining to current events about him

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