Saturday, April 14, 2012

McCain; "Nov. 7, naive dreams of a Romney victory have come crashing down like a North Korean rocket"

The redoubtable R.S. McCain  of "The Other McCain" site is slowly recovering from his post Cain/Santorum Post Primary Depression " syndrome he advises. It appears that one symptom of this syndrome is enhanced prophetic ability and the removal of any scales from eyes.

Here is the sharply defined view of up coming events from a long experienced commentator on such matters-who am I as a novice in such matters to disagree?
But heck, I said I was writing in Palin months ago  (and set up a Palin 2016 blog) when Newt flamed out in Florida as  it became clear that Romney's money would defeat any challenge (except Obama's bigger money pile and media support)

Read McCain's whole article AT THIS LINK

Ace of Spades doesn’t think so. He thinks Obama’s failures are so transparently obvious that even Peggy Joseph has probably wised up by now. On the other hand, Ace once believed Rick Perry was going all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, so we should keep that in mind.
Call me crazy, but I think Mitt Romney has more than an even chance of winning this election against Barack Obama.
OK, then – I’m calling you crazy.
Still, I should look on the bright side: If even smart guys like Ace and William Tucker can convince themselves that Mitt Romney actually has a legit chance at winning in November, then lots of other people probably believe the same thing. So I can write about the general-election campaign pretending that I believe it, too. And then on  Nov. 7, after everybody’s naive dreams of a Romney victory have come crashing down like a North Korean rocket, I can say: “Chumps! Ain’t I done told you so?”
As long as I’ve got something to look forward to . . .

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