Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Letterman Kicks Off The Romney-Mormon Stealth Campaign

R.S. McCain has this piece up about the coming stealth campaign against Romney via his Mormon faith

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We are shocked — shocked! — to discover liberals in the media hinting at future coverage about Mitt’s Mormonism:
Panelist Jon Meacham asked whether any of the focus on Romney’s “secrecy” may have something to do with his faith, Mormonism, a religion shrouded in mystery for many non-Mormons. “Is this code for the secrecy of the Mormon Church?” he asked Allen. . . .
“As the Obama campaign makes the case that Romney is somehow weird, different,” Allen replied, “some supporters of Romney will say that that is a dog whistle, that is a way to come near the religion issue. The Obama campaign will tell you they’re not going to touch it, they don’t poll on it, they don’t talk about it in focus groups because they know that it would blow up if they did and that got public.”
Host Joe Scarborough, meanwhile, was upset that he’s not allowed to enter a Mormon temple. “You can’t go into the temple, right? … Not even on the West Side? You go to Salt Lake, and I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s pretty, I want to go in.’ And they are like, ‘No, you’re Southern Baptist.’”

The Obama campaign won't touch it-yes, but the Obama campaigners will keep at it from now till November.

You can count the Obama team as including the late night "comedians. Letterman, who is so in the tank for Obama it is embarrassing, started of already with his monologue comment that Romney is looking for a vice-president now "and since he is a Mormon he can have a number of vice-president's"

That sort of comment will be amplified endlessly as part of the campaign to highlight Mormonism. The GOP can have absolutely no complaints about this whatsoever, their establishment chose Romney knowing his Mormonism and they will pay the price.

I make no attempt to disguise or obfuscate why as a conservative, I am not voting for Romney, as I set out AT THIS LINK. Simply the defense of Christianity is more important than if Obama gets another four years.

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