Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wisconsin; 44% Romney 346k Votes 54%: Not Romney 423 K Votes.The GOP Doesn't Want Romney

The figures are what they are, and clearly the majority of votes for the other three candiates are not_Romney votes. Once again a state, this one supposedly tailor- made for Romney, has him barely edging above 43% of the popular vote. If Romney does go on to win the nomination despite result after result showing he can't break 50%, then the GOP will get what it deserves.The majority don't want Romney:
Total Votes cast 11,214,360

 Romney: Total 40.6% (4,554,756) ABR Total 59.4% (6,659584)

Here is the potentially devastating news (and why do you think this is the case?) for the establishment which so wants Romney to be the candidate from PPP Polling

Dems winning on enthusiasm

"The enthusiasm gap is back for 2012...but now it's working to the Democrats' advantage.  PPP's last national poll, conducted on behalf of Daily Kos and SEIU, finds that 57% of Democrats are 'very excited' about voting this fall compared to only 46% of Republicans. We've found Democrats more excited about voting than Republicans on every poll we've done this year, but that's the widest gap yet."

From Stacy McCain:
"Remember that Romney spent more than $3 million airing attack ads against Santorum in Wisconsin, outspending the Santorum campaign 4-to-1 in advertising."

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