Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Romney Apathy Rules;100,000 Behind McCain's 2008 Pa.Primary Turnout

Here is a brilliant analysis of the primary results from April 23rd compared to McCain's in 2008 at essentially the same stage of the race. This is from a gentleman "Frank" who is commenting at 
Conservatives4Palin and who makes an outstanding comparison.

Two of the races drew interest from me. Rhode Island and Pennsylvania were held in 2008 after McCain had essentially won the nomination just as Romney has now.

2008  Rhode island
McCain    17,480
Huckabee  5,847
Paul           1,777
Uncommitted 570
Total Votes  25,674

2012 Rhode Island
Romney  9,157
Paul        3,462
Gingrich     878
Other         579
Total Votes  14,489

Romney only got a little over 50% of what McCain got and McCain was not Mr Charisma. The turnout was down over 11,000.

2008 Pennsylvania
McCain       595,175
Paul            129,323
Huckabee     92,430
Total Votes  816,928

2012 Pensylvania (99%)
Romney   462,123
Santorum 146,337
Paul          104,942
Gingrich     83,523
Total votes 786,925

In Pennsylvania, it looks like turnout may be slightly below or even with the 2008 race. However Romney is running over 100,000 votes behind Mr Charisma, John McCain.

Overall, people are not rushing out to support Mitt Romney. When you are trailing John McCain, that is not good news. The percentages were not that impressive. Not a good night for Romney.

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