Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rick Perry Must Expect Romney To Lose: Says "Leaning To Run For President In 2016"

According to Teagan Goddard 
 AT THIS LINK Texas Governor Rick Perry hasn't had enough of public humiliation on the campaign trail ( read the comments below Goddard's article at the link-they are excruciatingly embarrassing) and is "leaning to running for president in 2016."

I am sure the Romney campaign will be delighted with this admission by one of the former front-runners that either Romney will be defeated in November or, if elected, will face a challenge from Perry during his first term. 

Perry indicates he would start his run in 2015 just three years into Romney's term-if there is a Romney term of course. Statements like Perry's will help to ensure that Rick has a run against the record of a sitting Democrat president in 2015.

Perry has to be selected then re-elected as Texas Governor first of course and if through his machinations Romney is defeated in 2012 he may find a more formidable opponent than Romney in 2015 by the name of Palin, whose endorsement of Perry against Hutchison helped him get re-elected last time, running against him for the presidency.

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