Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As Predicted,Gay's Eviscerate Bachman Whilst Showing Respect For Palin

 As predicted, and I make no claim for being a seer as it was all so very obvious, the LGB community has gone ballistic over the candidacy of Michele Bachman. This will only get worse, until her campaign implodes, as more of her, and her husband's statements (the Internet never sleeps-there is no escape nowadays from your past) appear.

With the digging up of Bachman having implied, they say G-A-Y (Good as you), that homosexuality is, amongst other things, related to Satan, and that it is, in the main a product of abuse, the heavy hitters like Andrew Sullivan has come in to the fray-with the audio clip. As I set out below, Bachman has no chance whatsoever of being elected, should she get past this growing frenzy and win the nomination (GOP suicide), as the LGB community has an influence out of all proportion to its size.

On the other hand Palin has substantial LGB support and even her detractors, like Sullivan, respect her positions, past history and liberality.The attacks against Bachman have only just begun-the satirists will have a field day and once again, the apparent tactic by Palin to let the shooting stars rise and self-destruct looks brilliant.

Although, as per below, what the "progressives" think or say about Bachman doesn't matter one jot, they are revelling in the growing controversy and give further examples of outrage-including from the Hollywood types such as Cher who are not Gay but have connections.

"Michele Bachman's presidential campaign doom, presuming she got as far as winning the nomination, was sealed today with the report of her signing the Iowa conservative group The Family Leader's 14 point social conservative, family orientated and, as the Gay community sees it-anti-gay document. This from "Towelroad:" and from "After Elton"

"So, we've already heard that Iowa-based homophobe Bob Vander Plaats and his merry group of anti-gay social conservatives, The Family Leader, are asking Republican presidential candidates to pledge allegiance to a document called The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Family. And, yes, we all knew they would include a vow against marriage equality, but the document is far more disturbing than imagined.

In addition to asking candidates to agree that our Founding Fathers, Natural law, Christianity and Judaism - but not Islam -- are rooted in "faithful monogamy," the questionable claim that marriage leads to longer, healthier lives, and the idea "robust childbearing" bolsters national security, the document also demands candidates agree that homosexuality is a choice,rather than a biological trait.

Social protections…have been evaporating as we have collectively ‘debased the currency’ of marriage…in complete absence of empirical proof, that non-heterosexual inclination are genetically determined, irresistible and akin to innate traits like race, gender and eye color; as well as anti-scientific bias which holds, against all empirical evidence, that homosexual behavior in particular, and sexual promiscuity in general, optimizes individual or public"

Now it doesn't matter one jot what the "progressive" blogosphere thinks about Bachman's signing the pledge as their ridicule counts for nothing in the run up to the GOP nomination-in fact it could be seen as a plus for Bachman as "if the radicals are against me I must be doing something right and it proves I am a true,values based conservative".

What does matter is the absolute stirring up of the Gay/Lesbian community a Bachman candidacy would bring. That community would, perhaps rightly, see in her running for president the potential rolling back of all their attempts for equality over the past thirty years or so. That this community could exert a massive influence on the voters out of all proportion to their numbers is without a doubt, and in a close election that influence could make all the difference.

If the Gay community accounts for about 10% of the population that in itself is a significant figure in a close election. If it is presumed that the proportion of Gays in the media/arts/Hollywood/television (as talking heads, news presenters, scriptwriters, producers etc) is significantly higher, then their potential for influencing the electorate across this mass media is substantial.

Further, it need not be overt given the behind the scenes positions of many-the Late night comedians scriptwriters have commenced their Bachman lampooning already for example.

This sort of group activity was proven devastatingly effective by the "Journolist" group of liberal media personalties who clubbed together to do everything possible to enhance the Obama campaign whilst denigrating the McCain campaign-covertly and under the umbrella of their putatively neutral publications.

The threat of Bachman winning the nomination has been recognized by the Beltway insiders, who have commenced their hatchet jobs "The rise and fall of Michele Bachman" already. This would be a drop in the bucket compared to the unleashing of the full fury of a community which felt threatened. A Bachman nomination could, without a doubt, result in an election defeat worse than Mondale's as the Obama team would not, as the courtly Reagan did, to not unduly humiliate Mondale by him losing all 50 states, refuse to campaign in Minnesota.

On the other hand Sarah Palin is seen as a moderate on social issues by many in the Gay and Lesbian community, including some high profile media personalities. Hillbuzz, a significant Gay voice is hugely supportive of Palin, as is Tammy Bruce and, eccentrically and perhaps for libidinal reasons so is this gay site "Oh Crap I Have a Crush On Sarah Palin". It would be difficult for the leftist Gay sites to attack Palin as homophobic, when everything she has done in public life (and private) points to the other direction.

Of all the potential Republican candidates only Palin would stand a chance of getting though a presidential run not being a target of the Gay community, and would have a chance to discuss the economic issues which are paramount. Only Palin has an active Gay Facebook support page e.g. "Gays For Palin"

To nominate any other candidate would invite electoral destruction-the conservative element has a candidate, in Sarah Palin, should she run, whom they can trust as a true Christian and true to life, there is no need, in fact it would be a disaster, to follow Bachman off a cliff to electoral humiliation.

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