Sunday, July 31, 2011

GOP Palin On Verge Of Huge, Unprecedented Political Victory

Greg Sargent at the leftist Washington Post has a wailing and gnashing of teeth post up which advises the Republicans are about to have a massive win over the Dem's over the debt ceiling deal " GOP on verge of huge, unprecedented, political victory.

The gist is that the GOP got everything they wanted and the Dem's gave up everything. But  there is a shining moment for the Dem's though-they emerge as principled uber-patriots willing to lie down and surrender because only their side would rather lose,temporarily no doubt, than see the country go into default.

This is one of two themes that have merged over the last few days when it has become apparent that the true patriots  the Tea Party freshmen have, by doing what is really the unprecedented thing, actually voting the way they were elected to do in the November landslide, not being seduced by the Beltway and not folding under relentless liberal media attacks utterly changed the body politic.

The second theme is that these patriots have been charged with Nazism, terrorist, holding the country to ransom,bringing America to the verge of default and potentially leaving pensioners and the military starving and defenceless. Josh Painter has a full analysis of the media howling and wailing

The liberal media chorus, once again seeing their hero Obama going down the drain, have risen up almost as one, particularly the harpies, to demonize the utterly ordinary folks from fly over country-the  little people as Sarah Palin categorized them, as some sort of heartless radicals which is so silly  it brings the media into even further contempt.

In stark contrast, and certainly a theme that will not be heard from the media is that one person has emerged from this debacle with her reputation for saying what she means, for staying true to the "common sense economic principles needed to get America back on track" and as the leading light of the Tea party and that is, of course, Sarah Palin.

Whilst others were wavering Palin issued the strongest encouragement to the freshmen tea party representatives,outlined the consequences for them and the country of not holding strong,once again called out the president when no other potential candidate had the guts to do so-where was Romney's leadership over the last week or so?

If the 2012 election is to be decided on firm leadership, principles, honesty and common sense economics then Palin, should she run has every chance of doing a Reagan versus Carter re-run.

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