Sunday, July 17, 2011

Piers Morgan Is An Embarrassment To American Journalism.Finds Maher Calling Palin a Milf "Hysterical"

What CNN had in mind replacing Larry King with a British person who, as he just admitted has no in depth understanding of American culture is a mystery. Obviously, as a former scandal sheet employee at the now defunct News of the World, Morgan is capable of interviewing the likes of the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and Jerry Springer, but is well out of his depth when interviewing Americans from the political sphere.

His stock in trade is to get all stern faced and stern toned with the occasional person from the conservative right and shout, in British tabloid style, the likes of "you know that's bullshit" (which Larry King would never do) e.g to The American Tax Society spokesman Howard Jarvis, whilst being all matey and jolly with those on the left to whom he tosses softballs (an American expression deriving from baseball for Mr. Morgan to understand) at.

His other stock in trade is to ask as many guests as possible their opinion of Sarah Palin, (whom he sees an the "ultimate get") whilst asking this question in derogatory tones with, if he can, a leading, condescending remark about her.

That he is as unsuited for American journalism as would be e.g. a reporter from a Wisconsin scandal sheet tossed into the BBC and asked to interview Manchester politicians, is shown, for instance by his total lack of understanding of the American electoral system.

That he is unsuited for the task because of wilful leftist bias, to the level that he lets the likes of Bill Maher, a foul mouthed "comedian" be treated as if he were an actual person of substance. Not questioning Maher on his disgusting comments against women, (Morgan let Maher call Palin a "Milf" "which he found hysterical" without comment ") especially Palin and Bachman, and letting Maher solve the economic crisis without questioning his ludicrous prescriptions.

Maher attacked the Republicans penchant for a strong defense, which he categorized as being out of touch and, in the case of China, totally unnecessary. "They are not out to attack us, they want to win the trade war". This was allowed to pass without comment by Morgan.

Here is a report from Morgan's countryman Peter Foster writing for the UK's Telegraph Group who advises inter alia;.

"Concerns grow over Beijing's eyes in the sky. China is creating a network of satellited that could enable it to perfect a ballistic missile capable of sinking American aircraft carriers at long range. The Journal of Strategic studies deepens concerns the country is now developing a worrying array of weapons technologies. 

It comes as China's first aircraft carrier prepares for sea trials. The peoples Liberation Army has invested heavily in  modernisation in recent years developing an aircraft carrier, the J20 stealth fighter and Dong Feng 21 D missile that could sink US aircraft carriers at a 1600 km range. China has become increasingly confrontational in its handling of territorial disputes with Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines"

The New Zealand government has expressed alarm about growing Chinese influence in the South Pacific with "soft money' loans to e.g Tonga, whose indebtedness to China now amounts to 25% of GDP-a figure similar to the amount of US debt it now holds. 

That the likes of the madness of isolationism, and running down of American defense capabilities advocated  by the likes of Maher, to ensure the social welfare gravy train keeps rolling, being unremarked upon by Morgan shows just how out of his depth he is and his leftward bias.

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