Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hippie/Radical Imagery From McGovern's '72 Campaign In Campaign Buttons

Presidential campaign buttons evoke more than just the slogans of a particular election they bring an evocative feeling for times through their artwork and particular emphasis on issues, particularly as the effect a vocal segment of the population-where would you see a bare breasted "liberated ladies" presidential button nowadays?

Contrast the staid, but beautiful in their art imagery, conservatism of Democrat Alton B Parker's 1904 campaign (but note the retro copy of Parker's third button by McGovern's first button) with the Democrat McGovern's "peace and love' art style buttons of the radical 1970's. 

The McGovern images also evoke a feeling of nostalgia, along with "what on earth was I thinking" in folks like myself who lived through the time and are now a recovering liberal. This is especially interesting emotionally as, in retrospect the choice was between one of the most incompetent candidates of all time versus one of the most intellectually corrupt.

At the end of the day these campaign items are enjoyable for their artwork and as a window into America's past . One thing never changes however, look at the long list of Hollywood actors and singers supporting the Democratic party in the last image below.

McGovern Fox Valley, Illinois McGovern Superman McGovern Come Home America McGovern for Peace
McGovern We the People McGovern Make America Happen AgainMcGovern New Ideal McGovern with Uncle Sam drawing Come Home
McGovern Now! pin McGovern Shriver Stop Killing Babies!

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