Friday, July 29, 2011

Taylor Marsh Goes Full Bitchy PDS Palin Berserk

What is wrong with Taylor Marsh? This once sensible, and positive person has gone full Palin Derangement Syndrome off the rails. In a post on June 23rd Marsh assigned Palin to the trash bin of  (Marsh's) history with such childish, catty and frankly stupid comments such as "Palin belches out her Facebook comments" which one would expect at Firedoglake or the juveniles at Huffpost, but not from someone of her, sadly now depleted, standing.

Personally I find the strongest cases of PDS allied with cattiness comes from, sadly, women. Judging by Marsh's dyed locks, and angled website photograph to try and make a silk purse out of a sows ear, the root of the problem is pretty obvious I think.

Marsh heaps praise on Michele Bachmann whom, should she ever get the nomination, is sure to be ripped to shreds by the likes of Marsh. In doing so Marsh makes the ridiculous claim that Bachman has more merit than Palin "Palin's scared of unfriendly media"  because she, Bachman, is not afraid to talk to the press. The fact that during Palin's bus tour "the media ran out of questions to ask her, they asked so many which she answered in depth" totally escapes Marsh, which shows the level of bias and blindness she has sunk to. I recall Palin being interviewed-full on- by Larry King and Wolf Blitzer and saw no signs of her being scared.

In the June posting Marsh advises that "Palin's relevancy is at its lowest" a theme she returns to in this latest post.The irony that Marsh has, in two consecutive columns, taken to comment on a supposedly irrelevant person totally escapes her. A quick glance at the aggregate Memeorandum website, shows that Palin's latest remarks, directed at  freshman congressmen elected with Tea Party support, that they should stand firm, has had widespread coverage and elicited serious analysis. 

Why would that happen if Palin were "irrelevant"? Wishful thinking on Marsh's part clearly, but not that of Andrew Sullivan of Daily Beast, Michael D. Shear of The Caucus and the National Review just to mention a few of major commentators who wrote columns on Palin's remarks.Here is what the Los Angeles Times (no friend of Palin's) had to say, inter alia:

Sarah Palin sent a warning to freshman  Republicans on Thursday not to forget the promises made to voters in 2010, adding her outsized voice to the flurry of last-minute arm-twisting before a key debt ceiling vote in the House.

Marsh has a terrible, demon like, drawing of Palin accompanying her latest post. The attack looks like the creation of a person suffering from some deep seated neuroses, and is again, a sad reflection on a once competent journalist-if Palin had posted such a drawing of Marsh, or e.g. Pelosi, or either of the Obama's, then Marsh would chew the carpet I am sure.

Anyway, Marsh advised in June that Palin's possible run for president is a 
 "charade she’s concocting surrounding whether she’ll run for president. How can she stiff her fans? What will happen to her career if she doesn't run, which seems the most likely choice,"  Marsh then goes on to call Palin a "Fox news babe"-cattiness and bitchiness in extremis.

I look forward to posting a link to that column-probably on September 3rd, when huge helpings of crow will be served.

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