Saturday, July 9, 2011

Paulites/Gays/Lib's/ Pundits/Pawlenty Attack Bachman-Bill Clinton& Media Support Her

As I predicted Michele Bachman will be on the receiving end of a hurricane of criticism of a ferocity that will be, because of the short time frame, worse than Sarah Palin received. 

Palin has been the recipient of the worst attacks ever visited on a politician in modern history, the only saving grace, if there is one, is that is has been played out over a three year period with  bits of respite now and then as the ammunition gets used up.

Bachman on the other hand will get her hurricane over the next year-should she still be in the race by convention time. 

It has already commenced after her media build up, with an attack from Beltway denizens "The Rise and Fall of Michelle Bachman", the Gay community, who's flare up will be as nothing compared to what she will receive from those quarters should she actually get the nomination, from Palin supporters who view Bachman as a betrayer for the Rollins attack on Palin, Tim Pawlenty, whose attack commenced today as she is his biggest threat and now the Ron Paul brigade have opened up their salvo's on her.

Of course the late night comedians have just begun to get started on her and she will be fodder for them increasingly, bitingly, and nastily. Of course the left-wing blogosphere has begun their rants and particularly viciously, as would be expected.

The one group who have left Bachman alone, for now, is the main stream liberal media and politicians-Bill O'Reilly points out the ridiculousness of no less than Bill Clinton praising Bachman

This is of course a cynical ploy on behalf of the Obama re-election supporters who would be delighted to see Bachman eclipse Palin
as in reality Bachman would be the easier target because she is virgin territory to a degree for their attack machine whereas Palin is Teflon coated having deflected their worst  attacks.

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